Friday, August 7, 2009

Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Blue Tansy oil's high azulene content gives it a vivid, deep blue color. It's delightful scent is warmly herbaceous with a complex sweetness that to me is reminiscent of apples with a hint of spice. Everyone loves the friendly and inviting scent of Blue Tansy!
A natural antihistamine with anti-allergic properties. Research shows Blue Tansy essential oil to be especially effective for allergy relief!

Useful in blends for asthma and emphysema due to its bronchio-dilating effect, blending with Lemongrass or Ravensara will enhance this effect. Blue Tansy's strong analgesic properties also help to reduce any swelling or itching associated with allergies.
"Environmental allergens" means anything in your environment you may be allergic to, including cats and dogs!

Blue Tansy oil acts as a regulator and has a relaxing or invigorating effect depending on the circumstance for which you are using it. Its rapid and powerful anti-inflammatory action immediately calms the nervous system and associated muscles, ligaments and tendons. Use Blue Tansy for relieving muscular aches and pains, sprains and strains, arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica. Soothes nervous tension and relieves stress!

Blue Tansy pure essential oil is an excellent first aid remedy for radiation burns from cancer treatment, as well as for inflamed or sun damaged skin. My friend Sylla, owner of Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, used Blue Tansy as a spray on mist, along with Helichrysum, for relieving radiation burns from her cancer treatment. Blue Tansy oil is an active ingredient in PurePlant Essentials' First Aid + Burn Care and Radiation Burn Care.

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