Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sinus Problems

I have been using a great blend the last couple of days. This blend is perfect for anyone suffering from aliments in the sinus area I have sinus headaches that can almost completely put me out of commision. but this blend really helps. Here is what you need to do. in an empty bottle mix two parts pepermint two parts lemon and one part eucalyptus. shake well and then apply to the sinus areas on your temples across the forehead under the eyes ( careful not to get to close this oil burns a bit and will be really painfull if it gets in the eyes ) and the bridge of the nose. In all about 2-3 drops should do the trick. This will make you tear up and may give a burning sensation to sensitive skin. test it first on a more hardy piece of skin to see what you can expect. If it gets to hot do not use water as this will only make the effects worse you can use a vegitable oil or carrier oil to thin the oils effects. I usually do this before going to bed for the evening. It helps me to wake up clear and lessens the effects of my headaches.

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  1. excellent idea, I will try the recipe. Thanks Kris, Best regards:)