Friday, July 24, 2009

Birch Bark Or Birch Oil

Birch Bark oil is one of my very favorites and the reason I got involved in therapeutic essential oils. I used to work at a retail location and while lifting a box I strained my back. I was told by the doctor that I would likely need surgery to go back to work. This was not really an option for me so I tried physical therapy. my back got a little better but not good enough that I could continue working. I tried a chiropractor and that helped a bit but I got horrible headaches after every visit and it was extremely expensive. I still was not well enough to return to my full duties at as a retail manager. Then one day my mom told me she wanted me to try something. She gave me a bottle of birch oil and a bottle of peppermint oil she told me to use a carrier oil and use about 5 drops of each of the oils and massage it into my back then once it had been worked in well to put a hot compress towel on the oils and to leave it there until it was so hot that I could no longer stand the heat. I tried it that evening. The next morning I was amazed at the results. I was fully able to move. I did it again the next night and went back to work that following day. I still get a sore back every once in a while but all it takes is a few minutes and a nice massage from my wife and I am good to go again for another couple of months. I worked in retail for 6 years after that and have never had a problem with my back again. I will post more on this miraculous oil in the future.

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